04.07.2006 Gdansk , Festiwal Gwiazd N/z Andrzej Wajda fot. Lukasz Ostalski/REPORTER

On Sunday evening passed away one of the most distinguished Polish movie directors Andrzej Wajda, the most distinguished because of many prizes he won and for many good films he created which brought up historical events. It is worth to mention the most appreciated of them, it was “Kanał” (1957), “Wesele” (1973), “Człowiek z Marmuru (1978) and “Katyń” (2008). He said (about his films) – Matejko painted the victories, but about himself he said he needed catastrophes. He was engaged in political activites, as well as he was a member of the commitee Solidarność.

The actors will remember him from the greatest support he gave them and for good collaboration with him on film shootings. He used to say “We do our film and our film is the one which was successful. The one which wasn’t successful is mine”.

He was 90…


news prepared by Klaudia Capiga from 2b, edited by Ms Joanna Wołkowicka