On March 12th,  , members of Grupa Pod Wiszącym Kotem took part in Scenes from Shakespeare Festival in English.


The competition was held in Lublin. 22 groups from the whole of Poland applied to participate in this contest. At the beginning, alumnus of our school – Konrad Popczyk, who had won Grand Prix in 2015, presented his monolog and told the audience about his stay in London (which was the prize). Outside the competition, Panopticum Theatre showed us a play called: „A time for such a Word as Death”. In my opinion, it was a masterpiece. Students from our school acted in two plays: “Seven” prepared by Prof. Beata Gendek – Barhoumi and “Chodź, tnij taśmy gorsetu” directed by Ewa Całus, Dominika Kałuzińska and Ewa Szyja. The English language consultant was dr Agnieszka Markowska. The first play was awarded with 3rd place. Afterwards, there was another competition refering to death in Shakespeare’s tragedies.

Everybody was quite content, because they put a lot of effort into preparation. Students also gained experience which will definitely help in their further adventure with drama.

News prepared by Sebastian Bożek from 1 B (and from Grupa Pod Wiszącym Kotem:)   )

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