On 14th October 2015 there was Teachers’ Day at our school. Some students prepared a performance which was like a contest between “teachers” and “students”. They had to do a few tasks and they were assessed by the jury. Unfortunately, for the “students” of course, the “teachers” won by one point. After that our teaching staff was given roses. Then there were meetings in classrooms with our form teachers.

Let’s learn some facts about Teachers’ Day in Poland. This celebration commemorates inception of the Commission of National Education in 1972. There has also been World Teacher’s Day on October 5 observed all over the world  since 1994. It commemorates teachers’ organizations worldwide.

Each country has its own date of Teachers’ Day. For example, in the USA it is a bit different. National Teacher’s Day is on Thursday during Teacher Appreciation Week which takes place in the first full week of May. In Australia it is on the last Friday in October, in Jamaica on May 6 and in Spain on January 29.

written by Sebastian Bożek from 1 b