Beginnings in a new school are really hard. Especially when you must leave your friends behind, get used to the public transport and start the next stage of education in a new city. Our case wasn’t different. Looking for classrooms, crowded corridors and a lot of new people and teachers of course. We were a little bit bewildered, but everything panned out well.     The teaching staff turned out to be understanding and pleasant. There is no bullying. Older students are helpful and friendly. At school there are extra lessons for people who need help with learning and for students who would like to develop their interests at special after-school classes. We look forward to the next days at our school. Everyone believes Copernicus High School will give us proper preparation to pass  final exams well and get into our dream universities.

written by Sebastian Bożek from 1bnew beginnings

quote found by Mrs Joanna Wołkowicka.