A rainy day… September 26, 2014… This day all the first classes gathered next to the Simply Market at 9 o’clock. There were several buses as there were a lot of students. We arrived at the place near Olsztyn.
We all gathered in a large room, which was something similar to an inn. Everyone was talking, we were curious what would happen. Some classes did rehearsals of their performances. When there was silence the chairman of our school sang a song. Refreshment started – delicious apple pie, sausages and gratin. Then it became warmer, the sun started shining. Time for performances. Each class had prepared some kind of presentation which was intended to reflect the character of the class. Classes “a” and “b” started. All performances were held in the proper order – two classes and a break. During this break we had free time, most of the students were dancing and having fun, others were talking, getting to know others or walking. Most classes did a great job because each show was interesting and caught our attention. We spent a nice time in a large group of people. Unfortunately, time passed quickly and we had to come back. We returned to the place of departure at 1p.m.
I hope we all enjoyed it and spent this time with pleasure – it was a nice beginning for all first year students…

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Written by Monika Białek and Natalia Chrostowska, both from 1f, edited by Mrs M.Kossak