Every year on 21st March in our school takes place a traditional school celebration known as “Kopernikalia”.

This year students had to wear costumes matching to their classrooms design. Our school had never looked like that before. In the hallway we could see the students dressed up like villagers, tourists, devils, animals, dancers from the 70s and also Greek Gods. The moment visiting different classrooms was like moving in time. The jury, consisting of our Headmistresses, some teachers and school representatives, visited all the classrooms in order to give some points as it was a kind of competition between the classes from our high school. After that the jury tasted and evaluated all the gingerbreads baked for this occasion.
Then in our gym a talent show took place. Some of the students sang and presented different sketches. This year, there was also a beauty contest– the representatives of different  classes challenged for the titles: “Miss”, “Miss Woman” and “Miss Man”.
In the end, the Head Teacher promulgated the winners of all the competitions.

When it comes to the best-looking classrooms, 3g (Jungle), 3h (Hell) and 2g (Mental Hospital) were the best ones. The best gingerbread was baked by 3g (very original shape – outlines of our country, very tasty one!). It looked like that!


The classes 1f and 1g got the first prize as well. Congratulations!

“Kopernikalia” is a day when everybody forgets about schoolwork, exams and problems. This is the time for good fun, integration and to spend time with friends. We have to congratulate all the participants and thank for organizing this fantastic day for us!

Here we present some more photos:

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News prepared by Magda Mazik and Kasia Mazanek from 2f, edited by Mrs M.Kossak.