We would like to remind you that today is Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s national holiday. Read some facts from Country Fact File:

Name: Ireland, Eire, The Emerald Isle

Location: island in the North Atlantic Ocean

Size: 70,273sq km

Population: 4,470,700

Capital: Dublin

Symbol: Shamrock

Colour: Green

Irish traditional dish: Irish stew (main ingredients are lamb or mutton, potatoes, carrots and anions)

Did you know???  22 presidents of the USA including John F.Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, are of Irish descent.

And now have a look at 2 memorable photos taken in 2009. They both show hand made  materials prepared for a competition that we won! The first one presents a map of Ireland with 5 chosen places worth visiting. And the second one-a beautiful Irish blessing which we decided to put on the first page of our hand made album.  They both bring back nice memories because we had a chance to visit this breathtaking island ( a trip to Ireland for the winners: 5 students and the teacher) and when you once go there, you will always wish to go back…

P1060957   P1060960 - Kopia

You can find some more information about Ireland and Sains Patrick’s Day celebrations on our site or

We can strongly recommend listening to a very popular Irish song “Molly Malone” by The Dubliners –

And another, totally different version of the same song, but this time by Sinead O’Connor

And finally…for those who like Irish Step Dancing:

News prepared by Mrs M.Kossak