On 10th March was an Open Day in our school by which everyone who wants to join our high school could come and see how everything looks like there. Every person who strided the door was warmly welcomed. Students from our school were showing around the school with all of its interesting places. Everyone who came could talk with our students to get to know everything that is important to decide whether to go to our school. We had nice presentations, a show of our theatre group and a lot of really interesting things that everybody could see. It was the third time when we took part in  Kopernik’s open day, first time was as visitors and next ones as students, however, this open day was definitely the best one. There were a lot of people who came – approx. 1200 guests. That’s a lot. Four of us ( Patrycja Korzeniec, Katarzyna Patyk, Kinga Kamińska and Martyna Tyras) were presenting  one of the class profile with three leading subjects (class f):English, Polish and History. We have met a lot of nice people with whom we were chatting and laughing and we hope they are going to choose the best school in Częstochowa and we will meet in September.

News prepared by Martyna Tyras, Patrycja Korzeniec, Katarzyna Patyk from 2f.

 Have a quick look at some photos.

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