Agnieszka Marchewka, one of the students from IIg, became the winner in Nationwide English Language Competition called “Spelling Quiz”. That was a great success as in a final round she competed with mamy other contestants from  the country. Agnieszka’s  English teacher, Mrs Anna Cholewa-Purgał, did her best to prepare her to this competition.


And now few words from the winner, AGNIESZKA MARCHEWKA:

Some time ago I had the pleasure of taking part in The Nationwide Competition in English Language ‘Spelling Quiz 2014’. It was organized by Mickiewicz Secondary School in Częstochowa on 5th March 2014. My fellow competitors were 25 students from secondary schools and lower secondary schools from all around the country – from Kraków, Łódź, Opole, Stalowa Wola, Mińsk Mazowiecki and Częstochowa. Mrs Charity Boyette, a representative of The Consulate General of The United States in Cracow, honoured us with her presence. The competition consisted of eight rounds, in which we had to spell English words. In each round the length of the words was different – from three to ten letters. Generally speaking, the words were not very complicated (e.g. cry, jet, fat, yacht, harmful), but for some participants they turned out to be pretty challenging. After the basic rounds three people were left – two other girls and me – so an extra time had to be organised. We got eleven-letter words: picturesque, mischievous and appropriate. To the last moment I did not know if I spelled my word correctly. I knew, however, that the other girls made mistakes. So when the president of the committee announced that the competition was finished, I had no doubts that it was me who won. After a short artistic performance the awards ceremony was held. I was given a diploma, a special statuette and many other prizes: a music player, a pen drive, books, dictionaries, mugs and so on. Probably the most extraordinary award is a cruise to Sweden for two people. I am very pleased and proud of myself. At the same time I am really grateful to my teacher, Ms Anna Cholewa-Purgał. She did her best to prepare me for the competition and, as we can see, she was very successful with her work. I recommend taking part in the competition next year. It is all worthwhile.

Agnieszka Marchewka, IIg