Christmas, the celebration of Christ’s birthday, is a favourite holiday of young and old alike. But, before we take a closer look at some of the reasons why, we should say a few words about the term itself.

English is rather unique in referring to the feast as “Christmas”, which originally meant “Christ’s Mass” and is derived from the Middle English “Cristemasse” ( “the mass of festival of Christ”). We should, however, add that this is a typical feature of this language. Other languages refer to Christmas as the nativity and from this Latin-derived term, meaning  “birth”, have come the words “Natale” (Italian), “Noel” (French), and “Navidad” (Spanish). Polish is more explicit when it speaks of “the Divine Birth” (Boże Narodzenie). German speaking countries refer to Christmas as the Sacred Night – “Weihnacht”, and the Chechs simply translated this word into “Vanoce”.

No matter how we call it in different countries, there is one thing for sure. This time is special and, without doubt,  there is something magic  in it.

News prepared by M.Kossak