Last Wednesday (11 th December 2013) four of our students attended a gala at VIII Liceum Ogólnokształcące Samorządowe.

We all enjoyed a truly Christmas atmosphere there. Surrounded by the smell of the homemade cake and the decorations we could already feel the Christmas Spirit. Contestants from different high schools chatted with each other over a cup of tea before the diplomas were handed out. We also had a chance to watch a quite funny performance prepared just for us by the students.Not only did we enjoy this atmosphere but we were satisfied with our great results as well!

I PLACE – Julia Jureńczyk (2f, teacher: M.Kossak-Wąchała) 
II PLACE – Adrianna Mazur (3f, teacher: Joanna Wołkowicka)
THE RUNNER-UP – Agata Kwiecień (2f, teacher: M.Kossak-Wąchała)
THE RUNNER-UP –  Szymon Rajczyk (3f, teacher: Joanna Wołkowicka)


The results are very good as you can see.
We’ll see how it’s going to be next year.
Hopefully even better.

News prepared by Agata Kwiecień from 2f.

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