AGATA KWIECIEŃ, the student from 2f, took part in the second round of WSZOP Competition with great results.

This time all students were supposed to write a test on-line. The first round was different, 56 students wrote the test in school, in a written form and the results were sent to the organizers by Mrs Elina Szago-Lalak, the teacher responsible for it on behalf of our school. The English WSZOP Competition concerns grammar, vocabulary, everyday language, as well as the culture of English speaking countries.

Agata’s score  was 27 points and she is the one (out of 56 participants from our school at the beginning) who will represent us in the final round in Katowice on 10th December.

We would also like to congratulate few other students because in the second round were 6 our representatives. Now have a look at their results:

Agata Kwiecień (2f) – 27 points (the teacher M.Kossak-Wąchała)

Manuela Graf  (2a) – 25 points (the teacher A.Wilczyńska)

Adrianna Mazur (3f) – 23 points (the teacher J.Wołkowicka)

Monika Toborek (3b) – 21 points (the teacher M.Korpus)

Karolina Łydżba (3b) – 20 points (the teacher M.Korpus)

Dorota Krakowska (2b) – 18 points (the teacher E. Szago-Lalak)

Congratulations once again!

News prepared by M.Kossak