It is the most important Polish National Holiday. Polish Independence Day is celebrated to commemorate 11th November 1918. On that day Poland regained independence after 123 years.

The partition of Poland which lasted for many years was conducted by Austria, Prussia and Russia during 1772-1795. The Poles have never given up fighting for independence. After many uprising (November uprising in 1830 and January uprising) they have finally regained independence owing to their bravery and patriotism. Polish Field Marshall Józef Piłsudski has played a major role in this event. 11th November has been celebrated as commemoration day since 1920, but became a National Holiday in 1937. Then from 1938 until 1989 during the communist regime it was forbidden to celebrate it. After the fall of the communist regime it gained a special meaning and it is a Public Holiday. The National Independence Day is a special day for all Polish people. The main celebration ceremony takes place in Warsaw on Józef Piłsudski square. The President of Poland, Prime Minister and many MPS take part in the celebration. There is a solemn change of guards at the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb, which takes place at noon.

News prepared by Patrycja Korzeniec, Katarzyna Patyk  and Martyna Tyras (all from 2f)

And now few more words from those who took part in a school celebration:

The ceremony of Polish Independence Day took place  in our High School on 8th November. The teachers responsible were: Mrs Agata Warta and Ms Agnieszka Warzecha. This year’s ceremony was very important because it was 95th anniversary of Polish Independence. The whole celebration had an elevated character. It was very important for us to do our best to show other students the most important things from the history of Poland from 1795 until 1918. What’s more, at the end of our ceremony we commemorated Tadeusz Mazowiecki, the first prime minister of free Poland. To sum up, we think that this day is one of the most important days for our country and we should honour it every year in our High School, also in such a ceremonial way.

News prepared by Magdalena Mazik and Przemysław Jelonek (both 2f), those who played an active role in the ceremony. Edited by Mrs Marzena Kossak

Have a look at a few photos taken by Olga Głowacka from 2b and Martyna Tyras from 2f.

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