When it comes to holidays and special occasions that take place in UK in November, there is one called GUY FAWKES NIGHT.

Guy Fawkes Night is an English folk festival celebrated on 5th November. It commemorates an attempt to blow up the Parliament  in 1604 by Guy Fawkes. He was the Catholic conspirator who was caught red-handed.  Traditionally, on the anniversary of this event are burned effigies of Guy Fawkes – the “guys” and there are fireworks, too. The guys are made by children who try to collect money by asking passers-by  to give them “a penny for the guy”. The largest event held in England on this occasion is a carnival  located in Bridgewater on the first Friday in November.

News prepared by Paulina Konieczna and Klaudyna Drygała (both from 2f), edited by M. Kossak