Mothers’s Day – the most important holiday of women. Our mothers get flowers, sweets, cakes as well as best wishes and in this way we all show our respect, love and gratitude.Much younger children write some wishes on a sheet of paper and decorate it with hearts, flowers, houses with their families and other symbols of this special feeling – love. In Poland we call it “laurka”.
The origins of Mothers’s Day dates back to ancient times. Worshiped Mother – goddess was the symbol of fertility and abundance.For the first time in churches, ceremonial prayers of gratitude for the love and care of mothers established in the XIII century an English king, Henry III. Did you know that Mother’s Day in the UK is no fixed date? It is a celebration which date is referred to the guidelines associated with Easter. It is always the middle Sunday of Lent.In Poland this celebration falls on 26th May and was celebrated for the first time in 1914.

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News prepared by Ada Cieślar, Samanta Radecka and Paulina Urbanik from class 2g
Edited by Mrs Marzena Kossak