26th April – a significant day for all the final year students in our high school.

The last time to visit the school before Matura Exam, the last time to say goodbye to the teachers, the last time to receive a school certificate here. Both the teachers and the students were moved as the whole ceremony was very emotional. There were also the parents, who played an active role during those three years, as well as the representatives from  our local Department of Education. All the students received some symbolic gifts from those from second classes and the best ones were given diplomas.

On behalf of the teaching staff from VII Kopernik High School I would like to wish all the students from 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e, 3f, 3g, 3h GOOD LUCK on oncoming final exams. 


And finally, my special “GOODBYE EVERYONE” to 3f !!!

I hope you will remember our lessons for a long time… because … the longer you keep them in your memory, the better you will remember everything you learnt here.

Marzena Kossak-Wąchała


And now few more words from Magda Mazik and Przemek Jelonek (from 1f), who were hosting the ceremony:

On Friday, 26th April in our school took place ceremonial end of school year for 3rd classes which we could lead. It was one of the first experience as a leader of ceremonies for us in a new school. We were very proud of that we had been chosen for that very important role in that ceremony. In our opinion the end of the school year for 3rd classes was a very sublime and important event in their life. That day school-leavers said goodbye to school where they had been studying for 3 years. During the ceremony we felt and saw happiness, gratitude and emotion as a cause of being thankful and saying goodbye to teachers and friends. We also wish all the best to all of them!

A lot of time will pass to the end of high school, but we are sure that our finishing school ceremony would be also a moving event which we will remember to the end of our life.

And now an interview with the representative from final class, 3d Maria Halaba, which was led by Agata Ujma from 2g

May is a beautiful month but it is also the month of passing matura exam.  I’m form second class so that I didn’t have to face with this maturity exam but I have a lots of friends who were passing it this year. I decided to meet and interview one of my best friends – Maria Halaba who was in class 3D and graduated from our school on 26th April.
Below you can find our talk.

Agata Ujma : Which subjects did you choose to write on your matura exam ?

Maria Halaba : Excepting obligatory stample/ basic polish, english and mathematics I decided to write expanded mathematics, english and stample physics.

A.U : In what ways did you prepare for your exams ?

M.H. : Well, to be honest, to each subject there was a different way to learn. For example by learning mathematics I had to wade through all departments and I had activities twice a week just like English activities. By learning polish helped us our teacher, Katarzyna Wilk. My class had additional classes to prepare for matura exam. And physics is left. I wasn’t well- prepared for this exam, it’s because of the fact that it’s the only subject which is useless by universities which I chose and yes, it was a misunderstanding by choosing  it. I don’t need it to get to my dream university.

A.U. : It happens. Could you tell me about your results? How do you feel after all exams ? It was a hard time for you. Wasn’t it ?

M.H. : I’m glad that I overcame all fears. Yes, you are right – it’s a really tiring and demanding time for all candidates.  I was so focused on learning that I forgot about many important things at home. My parents  were very supportive.

A.U. : Tell me about your results. Are they clear to assess fairly?

M.H. : Results? It’s really hard to measure – I’m quite optimistic about English, polish and expanded mathematics, because mathematics was difficult for me so regardless of the outcome I will be happy.  Physics is not the subject that I’m going to be worried about. I just have to pass it, result from this exam are unimportant, I know that it is not obligatory but I chose it, so that I had to write it due to the wrong choice 3 months ago.

A.U. : Where are you going to study? And what would you like to study?

M.H. : My dream city is definitely Cracow, second city is Wroclaw and the third one Katowice. I chose geodesy and cartography,  mechanical engineering, automation and robotics and gardening.

A.U : From your observation, what are the most wanted university courses and cities among your peers?

M.H. : Defenitely Cracow and Wroclaw are the most wanted cities. Many people chose Warsaw but only as the necessity because of the rat race there. Many of my peers want to study law, geodesy and cartography, also architecture and many other.

A.U. : It was my last question, thank you very much, it was a pleasure to talk with you.

M.H. : Thank you.