On 13th March there was an ‘Open Day’ at our school. It allowed students of Junior High Schols from Częstochowa and the province to see our school from the inside, to feel the atmosphere of what it is like to attend school like that. Those who decided to come to our school had a chance to get help from students from second level who showed them around the school. The most interesting place for them seemed to be a PE sports arena where all the exciting things about all subjects were presented. The students from class 1 a presented a chemical presentation. Those from 1f presented our English Language Website. There was also a play performed by  participants of our school theatre group called ‘Hanging Cat’. Their performance was one of the most interesting parts of the show day. At that day a multi-medial presentation of VII LO has been also available to the students. ‘Open Day’ attracted as many as 560 students from all schools around Częstochowa.

Once again we can say a word of encouraging – see you in September  2013 !!!


News prepared by Kasia Patyk and Martyna Tyras from 1f

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