Every year our school organizes an event called ‘Kopernikalia’. During this special day our students present their talents.  It’s a day when students welcome spring, dance, sing, tell jokes and do many other funny things. There is a kind of competition – school miss and mister elections. >From every class classmates choose one girl and one boy. Girls pretend to be boys and boys pretend to be girls. They change their clothes, present their images, ask a bit strange questions, like : What would you choose, a snail or a snake ?  They prepare their speeches and present their costumes for different occasions.
It’s a nice way to celebrate the beginning of a new season spring which brings lots of positive energy, sunshine and a smile on each person’s face.

Oh , and one more thing , we have a competition for the best cakes! This year the ones, which were made by the students themselves, were the most owesome. The ones corresponding with the planets or the  figure of our patron Mikołaj Kopernik were the best and won the competion.

We celebrated “Kopernikalia”  on 21st  March and again, we had loads of fun and laughter.

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News prepared by Agata Ujma from 1g