On 28th March there was an English Contest for the Best English Essay awards ceremony which took place in Academic High School in Częstochowa. The task for participants was to write an essay in one of the following topics: My favourite teacher or My role model in life.

First two places were gathered by our school’s pupils:
• Marcin Kuna from IIf has been awarded with the First Prize
• Agata Ujma from Ig has been awarded with the Second Prize.

Marcin wrote a composition about his grandfather as his idol and Agata wrote about her Polish teacher in Junior High School. Don’t be misled by “easy-looking” topics! The students put in a lot of effort as well as their heart and they revealed some facts from their private life, too. You can read both essays in attachments. We are very happy about our school’s run of good luck in latest English competitions.
Students also want to thank very much their English teacher Marzena Kossak-Wąchała for all the help and support from her.

News prepared by Marcin Kuna from 2f

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Agata Ujma (kl. 1g)

My favourite teacher

In each person’s life God places different people on their way. Some of those are less important, others make big changes in our lives and they are the ones we will never forget.

In my life I have met some significant people. One of them and I think the most important person was my Polish teacher from junior high school. I had known her before because she is my parents’ friend. Her name is Magdalena M. In junior high school she was my class tutor.

Mrs M.M. from the very first moment made a huge and very positive impression on us – her new students. Every single Polish lesson was a pleasure for me and my classmates. Things we were talking about in our lessons were delivered in such a simple and usual way, that everyone understood even the hardest things. We were talking about relationships between true friends, parents and teenagers, about death, jealousy and other important aspects of our teenage lives. The atmosphere was always cosy and full of understanding. She has this unusual ability of ‘seeing’ other people’s feelings. Lessons with her were a sheer pleasure for each of us. Just forty-five minutes of good conversation with an intelligent, more experienced person who is like your second mother.

When one of us had a problem she always tried to help. Most teachers applied the same set of remedies to all the members of our class, but not M.M. She treated everyone individually, she was like a healer. She was sticking together each and every torn, isolated piece of our class, to make one big and strong group of people who help each other – all for one and one for all. She would catch someone during a school break and say : ‘I see that something is wrong. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.’ – isn’t it unusual ? For me it is.

I have never met a person like her. M.M. always knows what to say. She has experience, knowledge but perhaps above all she has the kind of amazing intuition you rarely find in people. She just sees through you and is ready to stay with you through thick and thin. Mrs Magdalena M. can always find the right way to someone’s heart and soul through words or just an ordinary smile. Her age has never been a barrier. I think this is because she has two daughters. She is a wonderful mother and wife, full of understanding and patience. She can combine her duties -work at school with everyday housewife chores – cooking, taking care of her kids, vacuuming or washing the dishes. On top of that, she will always find the time to meet her friends and old students.

She is trustworthy, real and frank in what she is doing and saying. She does not pretend like most of our society. M.M. is very tolerant and does not judge the book by its cover. She is different, but in a good sense of this word. On our planet there are so few people like her. She has something you cannot buy or learn, you are born with or without it. Not only is her character full of empathy and understanding, but it has this special power inside which emanates positive energy to other people as well.

I appreciate that she was the one of those who were near me in better or worse moments of my life. I am indebted to her for the rest of my life. She created a better life for me, showed that everyone has and needs ups and downs because not only good moments create our character and personality. Good moments are as important as failures, which make us stronger, more robust and allow us to appreciate even the smallest good. I am grateful to Mrs M.M. for wonderful and unique three years, for strict and wise words but also for praise. I am sure that she feels how important and huge authority she always was, is and will be in my eyes. Never before have I met such a person and I really appreciate every meeting with her, every smile and every piece of advice, we still keep in touch and take care of our relationship. Summarizing, I would not change her for the world and I am so proud that I had an opportunity to meet her.

Agata Ujma (kl.1g)


Marcin Kuna (kl. 2f)

My role model in life

Each of us has in one’s life people who are especially significant, who are our role models, whose life and experiences inspire us for being better people. While being infants those people are our parents. When we are older, we go to school and teachers become our idols. All of them are always ready to protect us from bad sides of the world we’ve come to live in, they teach us how to find ourselves in it and point the right path we should proceed in our journey to maturity. That happens for a simple reason – on every stage of our life we need a guide who leads us to the next one.

My role model is my grandfather, Stanisław Kuna. I think he is the most influential person in my life. Since ever, I have seen him kind for others, very helpful, devoted to everyone, an attentive person. He has been hard working, never giving up no matter what happened, not bending under the pressure of outsiders.

It was the middle of World War II, in 1940 when he was born. Like all of the children at the time, especially coming from poor, country families, he didn’t have an easy start. I’m so impressed by the fact that at the age of thirteen my grandpa had so much courage inside and was bold enough to leave his family sides and with no idea about the world around he went by train to Łódź to technical college taking from home only yeast cake that his mom made for him for this trip. When I recall myself the times I was ending primary school, how foolish and immature I was, I realize how fast he had to grow up and how brave he was which he had revealed more than once in his further life. It’s incredible that from a kid toiling on a farm he became an executive manager of one of the biggest in the country and most technologically developed in Europe textile company.

He has taught me a lot by the history of his life. Every day in school when I get a bad mark on test or my teachers are angry with me because of my behavior, I remind myself that when my grandpa was at my age he was the best in his class, had one of the highest average in school, was the president of the student council and all of these while being one of the youngest student at same time. Then, I realize that if he was able to be such a person, I’m able too, so I get down to work, pull myself together and try to take an example of him.

Although he was working a long time to make success he had never neglected his family. It was always the most important and precious thing for him as he has always put the family on the first place. He is patient for every member of our family and ends all the quarrels. I remember the times when as a little toddler I was sick all the time. I was in a bad mood, coughing and sneezing didn’t want to give me a brake but I liked those periods despite all the inconveniences because every day my grandpa arrived at the door of my house, made me my favorite breakfast – baked roll with ham and a slice of tomato and then we sat at a couch and was talking for hours about silly things like “why the clouds are white and the sky is blue” and more serious stuff when he was telling me stories reaching in time his serving in an army. We had a whale of the time these days. Later, when I finally went to school he was helping me with my homework, teaching how to add and multiply. He has been doing that up till now even though simple math operations were replaced by hard equations, decimal logarithms, chemical synthesis and Newton’s laws of motion. I always regarded and I still do regard my grandfather as one of the most intelligent, cleverest and wisest persons I have ever met.

Additionally I burst with pride when I listen to his wife’s, my grandma’s, stories of him from communist times, when the authorities were oppressing Christians. People couldn’t go to church but in spite of everything, my grandfather has never renounced his beliefs. With tears in my eyes, I once heard the story told by my grandma, telling that when my dad was eight and was going to the first communion, my grandpa was arrested, because the authorities were feared that such an incident will give a bad example to many people my grandpa was hiring at the time. The arrestment didn’t frighten him and after few days, he went out of jail and let my father go to the sacrament. That’s very reason why he is mine and my father’s hero.

There was never a big generation gap between us. Because my parents were always at work occupied by their own carriers, it was my grandpa who practically raised me and my sister. At all times he has been supporting me and encouraging to reach to the tops and that’s the reason I know that I can trust and rely on him no matter what.

My grandpa’s desire to live is also remarkable. It’s been eleven years now since he got an extensive heart attack and a long surgery. The doctor said that patients after such experiences live no longer than five years. But it was not enough for him. He realized that he is a head of the family, its mainstay and he’s got to be there to support us and raise our spirits. As he decided that he did. Since then he has been going for long walks every day, eating healthy and pottering in a garden, which even a professional landscape architect wouldn’t despise, to keep fit and live a healthy way of life. All of these taught me a very simple motto for life – Under no circumstances should we give up!

Now I’m eighteen, but I realize that in not far future I’ll probably have my own children and grandchildren then. I wish I could take after all of these good qualities from my grandpa and be such an amazing person as he is, because he’s not only my idol, my role model. He is my hero and reflection of the person I would like to become some day.

Marcin Kuna (kl.2f)