On the 16th of March everything was clear…

After the first round held on 23 February , now it was the time for the final round in A History-Language Competition, First Edition. Five of our students, who were the best ones in the first round represented Kopernik High School. It was a stressful experience, no doubt. They had to answer the questions and do all the tasks in public, as some of the first and second year students were observing them. The main theme of the competition was the history of The United Kingdom (from the XVIII century till now) and The USA (the whole  history). The questions and different tasks were both in Polish and English, so were the students’ answers. They concerned historical events, vocabulary connected with history, the main figures from history of both English speaking countries as well as text interpretation. There was also a play-off at the end, as it was hard for the jury to make final decision.

The results are:

I  PLACE  – KRZYSZTOF LAM   from 2h ( English Teacher – Mrs Marta

Leśniak, History Teacher – Ms Agnieszka Warzecha)

II  PLACE – MARCIN KUNA  from 2f  ( English Teacher Marzena  Kossak-

Wąchała, History Teacher – Mrs Agata Warta )

THE RUNNER UP – ANNA LEŚNIAK  from 2f (English Teacher Marzena

Kossak- Wąchała, History Teacher – Mrs Agata Warta )


All of our representatives ( including Natalia Poniatowska and Łukasz Putowski, both from 2f) did everything to do well in the competition and they all were rewarded by the organizers.

I can honestly say I was proud of them all ! CONGRATULATIONS !!!


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News prepared by Marzena Kossak