Nobody would be surprised today when he sees many people with a bunch of shamrock in their label today!

Today is a very special day all over the world for those with Irish origins. The colourful parades always  include live traditional Irish music, marching bands and colourful floats full of dancers and schoolchildren dancing jigs. There is much waving of the Irish Tricolour flags, while shamrock and harp symbols are in abundance. The huge dogs taking part in the parades are Irish Wolfhounds, the world’s largest breed of dog, known as “the gentle giant”.

“Going green” is especially important on this day and everyone should make an attempt to go green in one way or another. Some dress in green, paint their faces, dye their hair or wear green wigs. Others settle for green ribbons and, of course, the customary shamrock. Surprisingly everything can go green…even rivers or animals…

Ireland is known as the country of  “ CÉAD MÎLE FAILTE” or  “A hundred thousand welcomes”. A warm welcome is always guaranteed and everybody is invited to join in the fun. The Irish see themselves as one large family and on St Patrick’s Day everyone can become part of it.


We still remember our winning trip to Ireland. Just to remind you – we won a nationwide competiton named “Discover Ireland” in 2008 and with the two other winning groups we went to Ireland for few days. Have a quick look at what views we had a chance to admire…

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News prepared by Marzena Kossak


Saint Patrick is Ireland’s Saint Patron. He lived in Celtic Britain in IV/V century. He and his family lived in Wales. He had a hard life, he was working outdoors in all kinds of weather. Patrick believed that through his prayers he could have explained to others the trust and love from God. He believed in God with all his heart which led to his strange visions. Patrick heard strange voices in his mind. One of those inside voices encouraged him to move to Ireland where he became a hero. His prayers brought Irish people salvation, he started to trust himself. That was the first time he visited this country. He was taken to Ireland by a ship’s crew just before his sixteenth birthday.
At the age of 43 he set out for Ireland to begin his Christianization mission. The king of Ireland thought that Patrick was going to dethrone him. The king was going to kill Patrick, he tried everything but never succeeded. Patrick was still praying and God saved him. The only thing that king could do was to accept the new system of religious belief.
The attribute of Saint Patrick is a shamrock. Through this plant he was showing people three persons in one God. That’s why this plant became a symbol of Ireland.
He is an excellent example of inflexibility. His story shows us the power of the prayer.

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Prepared by Agata Ujma from IG