From 4th to 9th march 2012, our school took part in Comenius Pupils Exchange. This year we welcomed and entertained students from Spain, Belgium, French Guiana and Greece. During the workshops, each group presented  simple expressions in their own language ( ways of welcoming, greetings, ways to say good bye etc.) and taught all the participants. What is more, we got to know Easter and Carnival traditions from individual countries. That’s why we were painting eggs, creating Spanish masks and searching chocolate eggs, which origins are traced back to Belgium. We also got to know delicious Greek cuisine better. Thanks to these activities we got closer to ours visitors and overcame differences between eastern and western culture.

During the trip to The Beskidy  Mountains foreigners found out about Polish culture, traditions and so on. They even tried to ram butter on their own and comb sheep’s wool and took part in “oczepiny” – polish wedding tradition. Later, there were some other workshops and the significant part was played by our students, who led the workshops with English teachers. We had the conversation about the way, that different countries are perceived by us. We talked about the stereotypes of different nationalities and the ways of overcoming those differences as well as fighting with the ones which are not fair. Last but not least, appeared the basketball game, which was won by the visitors. Congratulations !

It is always hard to say goodbye. The same was this time. To sum up, it is significant to mention, that it was worth taking part in Comenius for all of those people, amusing situations and experiences that will stay in ours memory for a long time.

News prepared by Piotr Sobota from 2f, edited by Marzena Kossak

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