On the 16th of September 2011, first year students went to a special integration trip to Janów near Częstochowa. The class teachers and tutors accompanied us. We arrived in the village in two groups (classes A-D and classes E-H). We met a trip operator who was wearing a very interesting outfit: blue trousers, an ashy waistcoat with inscription “Soutys” and big black glasses.  The tutors divided us into smaller groups and they took us to see the solar system. This construction is the only one in Europe. At first we stopped next to the sun. The sun was also visible in other positions.  Then we moved around the cycle of the planets. After that we relaxed a bit on a clearing in the forest, we drunk some tea and ate some grilled sausages.  After a little rest and meal, we went in horse-drawn carts to Baba Jaga’s house in the woods.  There we met a terrible Baba Jaga and we were treated to lemon juice. Then we went back into clearing, where we sang various songs and we played some team games. Later we all went back to the inn. Then the class presentations took place. They were all very interesting and funny . It was a really successful trip and most off all, the trip was a great chance to get to know each other better!

by Karolina Janik from 1g

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